Sunday, 22 April 2012

I've Just Had Some Fucking Jelly Babies

A lot of people say nowadays that the world is going to be fucked if we carry on as we are, polluting the atmosphere, rivers, lakes, and oceans, blowing up mountains to get valuable minerals largely for financial gain, fracking for natural gas right outside peoples' houses, and so on. Here's what I say to these people: The world is not GOING to be fucked; the world is never GOING to be fucked because the world has ALREADY been fucked by us and our wars, our greed, our relentless destruction, intolerance and ignorance of nature. The world was fucked right about the time we showed up. As for society, society died when George Carlin did.

Anyway, enough of that shit.

On a slightly odd - if concerning - note, I keep seeing discarded jeans everywhere. Not just in my bedroom (hurr), but fucking everywhere, and they're always draped over railings or fences in a suburb somewhere. I saw my first pair a couple of weeks ago in Bristol when I was staying with my Mom, a pair of perfectly serviceable blue jeans lying over a railing in the middle of Bristol. Since I've been back in Birmingham, I've seen three more pairs: one in a tree in a small woodland area next to my house and two next to each other on a fence by a bus stop that I saw on my way back from a friend's house earlier this afternoon. Whose going around just leaving jeans everywhere? Is this some kind of new cult I should be aware of? I might get in on it myself, actually, I'll even add my own little twist, leaving corduroys on top of bollards. Yeah. That'll show those... erm... Tories? Show them some of my vast collection of corduroy trousers, that is.

Fucking Tories.
P.S. I don't really own a pair of corduroy trousers.